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Human Resources Consulting

Employee Training, Events, Recruiting & Process Development

We know every company’s most important asset is their team, and we have the experience to help you develop yours.  Configuration Connection works with small and medium sized organizations on their human capital organization and team building.   Our Human Resources Consulting solutions are created based on your current needs, employees and organizational structure.

The following is a list of some of the Human Resources Consulting services we are currently providing for our clients:

  • Job Description Development
  • Recruiting
  • Goal Setting
  • Workflow Enhancement
  • Customer Service Training
  • Employee Handbooks/Creating Policy
  • Implement Employee Incentive and Recognition Programs
  • Company Event Planning

Company leaders often face challenges with growth.  Sometimes adding staff, changing processes or planning team events can be overwhelming.  We have over 14 years experience in human resources, employee development and recruiting.  Let our expertise be your asset!

human resources consulting