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Office Organizing Results

Office Organizing Results & Testimonials

Before & After Organizing Photos:

The following images were taken before and after we organized for our clients.

What our customers are saying:

“Sara Genrich did an amazing job of cleaning up my whole office! My desk had so many stacks on it that I didn’t have any work space. My credenza and file cabinet were overflowing! Sara helped me go through everything and we filled 30 wastebaskets full of things that I didn’t need anymore. Then she made 80 files and organized all of my papers into files. When she finished, my desk was the cleanest it has been in 38 years of business. The great thing is that she taught me how to be more organized in my work processes and I am keeping my desk clean! She was wonderful and patient to work with even though I had other meetings that I had to attend. She just kept working when I wasn’t there. It took a week but it was well worth it! I highly recommend Sara to anyone who wants an office that they will be proud of!”
– Sue (Corporate Client)

“Thank you so much for your help getting me started!  I was so happy that I was able to put my hands on a sympathy card today and get it in the mail before it was too late to send.  It is great to have it contained in my rolling file cabinet and 0 piles in my bedroom. Just 1 black tray on my kitchen counter. YEAH!!! Thanks again!!”
– Martha (Residential Client)

“I wanted to say a very big thank you to Sara for helping during my time of need to get paperwork under control and helping me feel like I am on top of my situation. Very professional, timely, excellent tips and very efficient! Easy to work with and organizational tips/concepts are simple to learn and understand. Highly recommend!! Thank you again Sara!!!”
– Cindy S. (Residential Client)

“Using Configuration Connection was above and beyond the best decision that I could have made to help me set up my home business. I had no idea where to begin and felt overwhelmed, but Sara took me step by step through the process of getting organized and ready to hit the ground running. My business is growing everyday, and I feel comfortable knowing that I’m ready and able to grow without falling behind.  Sara has helped me understand the importance of having efficient and consistent organizational systems in place to keep my business running smoothly. I cannot thank her enough for her patience and professionalism. The services she provides are worth every penny and so much more just for peace of mind knowing I set my business up right from the beginning. Thank you Sara!”
– Amanda (Corporate Client)

“My need for organization is often over ridden by life and the challenges it brings. That is especially true for the last 3 years, I had a later in life baby and then a year later a traumatic brain injury. Either one of these things would have been more than enough but the two back to back were a great challenge to over come the back lash from. Things piled up and piled up more and once I was at a point where I could begin to deal with them I was more than overwhelmed. That’s when Configuration Connection was the beacon in my dark of being buried under 3 years of things to be dealt with. Sara not only helped me deal with piles of paper but technology to help things stay organized. To say Sara was a God send does not speak to how much of an impact her consistent, patient and determined manner made such a difference in my life, not just my business. It is hard to believe that we were able to accomplish organizing 3 years disorganization in 30 hours. I knew this was an undertaking I must do but was significantly overwhelmed with the enormity of it all until Sara took it all and broke it down step by step. And the bonus was the amount of desk top and drawer space I gained from this process. Thank you Configuration Connection for helping me find not only the top of my desk but more time with my family and friends.”
– Tricia (Home Business Client)

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