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Technology Services

Information Organizing – Electronically!

Small business owners often have challenges creating and implementing methods to store and retrieve their data.  Are you looking at ways to access your files across platforms in multiple locations?  Do you need an easy way to invoice clients?  Does your phone sync with your desktop or laptop?  Configuration Connection can help!

Our Electronic Information Organizing Services are geared to help you work more efficiently on your computer or laptop.  The electronic data piles up just as quickly or even quicker than paper!  We offer the following services:

  • Evernote, Evernote Premium or Evernote Business Implementation & Training
  • Sync your contacts, calendar, and tasks across all of your devices (in most cases)
  • Setup electronic files to make finding your documents easier
  • Setup files and rules in email to make processing faster
  • Create and implement electronic invoicing
  • Electronic Device and Applications training on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Dropbox, Evernote, Quickbooks, Outlook and many more. . .

Technology Services - Electronic Organizing for your small business!


“I have struggled with technical issues on occasion and often wondered who in the world to call – things like email not working, phone not syncing to my computer, etc. It is so frustrating when these things happen and you don’t know how to fix the issues on your own. I had heard that Sara Genrich has extensive knowledge in all things technical, but was unaware that she actually serves as a ‘technical coach’ in her profession. I must say that Sara is extremely skilled at her craft, and I would highly recommend to anyone having trouble understanding or working out problems on their computer, phone or iPad to consult with her. She was able to work with me over the phone via Face Time to resolve all my issues. The most significant and helpful thing Sara said to me was, “I can help you with that” – what a giant relief when I was in a panic state about my situation! It takes one heck of a good Professional Organizer to impress another Professional Organizer and that’s exactly what happened here. Thank you, Sara for saving the day!”

Evernote Certified Consultant