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Organizing Tools, Resources and Donation Centers

Organizing Products

Applications – This article contains a list of productivity applications I recommend to my clients.

Evernotewww.evernote.com – Note taking at its best. It lets you take notes and pictures. You can access them anywhere, anytime with one simple search!  Evernote Business is a great way to collaborate on everything with your team.  We can help you with everything from setup, to training and documentation.  You can read more information about Evernote in this article.

Smeadwww.smead.com – Smead makes and sells super filing products and systems. If they do not currently make it, they will let you design a file that meets your needs!

Reviews.com – http://www.reviews.com –   Reviews.com compares and reviews different categories of products.  They review everything from web hosting services to baby formula.  They review each product category by researching the product, asking experts and running tests.  It is also free!

Organizing Resources

Getting Organized Magazinewww.gettingorganizedmagazine.com – This magazine is written by professional organizers, and it has great organizing tips, ideas and products.

ICDThe Institute for Challenging Disorganization – A great resource for education, strategies and information on disorganization.

Donation Centers

The Stuff Stop –  www.thestuffstop.com – This is a great resourceful website.  It will tell you where to donate just about anything!!

Clothing, Furniture, Household items:

Toys, Cribs, Strollers & Other Children’s Items:

Antibiotics and Medical Supplies:

Medical Equipment:


Recycling & Responsible Destruction:

Electronics and Accessories:


  • Best Buywww.bestbuy.com – They recycle all of your old software and music CD’s.

Medication & Prescriptions: